Driveways are often the first part of your home that visitors will see, particularly if they arrive by car. If your approach is in need of attention, you might want to consider laying down a new drive.

Block paving Driveways are a great choice for your driveway. The stones themselves have plenty of grip and this is ideal for when it comes to winter. You won’t need to worry about the floor getting slippery as much and you won’t need to worry about the weight of your vehicle cracking the stones. Some people think about having paving stones in their driveway but this isn’t a practical choice. The stones can crack with ease if the right pressure is applied and in some instances they might even lift up so they will need replacing if this ever happens. Block paving however doesn’t present you with this problem and you will also find that it can support large vehicles as well. You could have a block pathway leading from your driveway to your home or you could have it connected to your patio with ease. Many people go for block paving because it comes in a huge range of different colours.

Tarmac Driveways are known for being easy to install, neat in appearance and durable, and a professionally installed tarmac surface will certainly tick all three of those boxes. Good quality tarmac drives also have the added benefit of being waterproof, easy to maintain, smooth to drive upon and safe for pedestrians.

Laid by experienced asphalt driveway installers, Creative Landscapes tarmac drives will meet all of your expectations and, in most cases, exceed them. This is because we carry out the proper preparation, use high grade materials and give every project our full care and attention.

Premium quality tarmac drives require thorough preparation beforehand. First, the ground must be excavated to a suitable depth to form a strong foundation. We dig out to the specified 250mm depth and remove all debris from site to leave your entrance looking neat and tidy. We then put down a geotex membrane, to keep the weeds at bay, before laying and mechanically compressing 100 to 150mm of MOT Grade 1 aggregate. Only then do we apply the tarmac, starting with a 50mm layer of course tarmac, containing larger stones. Finally, we add a layer of fine or ‘topping tarmac,’ consisting of smaller stones. This 30mm layer is mechanically compressed to create the smooth, attractive surface that we all associate with a properly laid tarmac drive.

You may already have a precise idea of how you want your drive to look, but if you are struggling for inspiration, our considerable experience of laying tarmac drives, both in the Warwickshire area and beyond, puts us in an ideal position to provide advice. In addition to the surface of the drive itself, Creative Landscapes offer a range of border options, including high quality block-work, to enable you to frame your driveway and give it that personal touch.

The surface dressing specialists in the Creative Landscapes team have worked together for over 10 years and we guarantee all of our work. Our high quality tarmac drives are built to last and will continue to enhance the appearance of your property for years to come, creating a classy first impression.

All our building, landscaping and driveway work is fully guaranteed and insured.
We don’t use outside contractors and we take great pride in our work.